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Watching out for your lost jewelry

Thank you, David, for finding my watch today! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. I tried to donate to both of your charities, but had difficulty finding a way to simply donate to a general fund in your honor (without becoming a member or donating to a specific cause). I donated to the Reef Relief and will go back into the school site again tomorrow.I told EVERYONE at breakfast this morning about you and the two charities … Thanks, David!NancyGrace Bay Club

Lost Jewelry Recovered on Turks & Caicos

“Christina and Joe had the wedding of their dreams on December 9th. Joe used his Grandfather’s ring with the inscription 10-05-57. That ring traveled 66 years and two generations to be worn that night and for the rest of their lives. On the 66th hour after their wedding ceremony, Joe lost the ring while swimming in the ocean walking on his hands along the surf. He spent the next hour frantically searching with a snorkel mask to try and find the ring by some miracle, but to no avail.
Thinking there was no hope left and maybe it was a sign that his grandfather wanted to remain on the beaches of The Turks and Caicos, his now wife, Christina googled “I just lost my ring in the ocean. What do I do?” and stumbled across and thought what the heck. It was worth a shot.
She reached out and spoke with John who was off island at the time, but he got her in touch with his friend, David who was on the island. They set a time to meet and gave him the best description of location and precise time, so that David could do some research on tides and drift to come up with a game plan.
David came a day early due to a scheduling conflict which turned out to be a major blessing because the waves the next day were very big and would have been difficult to search in with his trusty metal detector. Sure enough, as Joe enjoyed a wonderful chat with David’s daughter who happened to be visiting and came along because she loves to watch her dad work, 24 minutes into the search combing through the area set out by the newlyweds, David’s detector found something. He used his scooper to pull up the debris, sifted out some shells and rocks, and held a gleaming yellow ring on his finger. Joe took one look and instantly recognized the pattern and inscription. It was THEIR RING!!!
It still does not feel real as I write this story for David, but it truly is one of the greatest miracles we have ever witnessed. David does this out of the kindness of his heart and sincerely enjoys helping those in dire straits when all hope is seemingly lost. We will never forget our encounter with him and that was the easiest $100 to charity we’ve ever spent – truly great causes that he endorses, and we are so thrilled to finish out our honeymoon with no regrets and all our rings safe and sound.
They will not be coming with us to the beach again. Thank you David from the bottom of our hearts. You’ve changed our lives forever and my grandpa and I will never be able to thank you enough. God bless, and continue to help others as you helped us. Your work is beyond inspiring.”

College Ring

“I lost my ring at the beach and figured it was gone forever but a friend recommended David and he found it in about an hour. I have had my College Ring for over 32 years and it would have been a big loss. I owe David a HUGE Thank You!”
Attached please find my pic….
Michael McGuire, DVM

May 2023 – 3 new finds

Sometimes, things are meant to be.Feeling a bit bored, nothing to do, I decided to detect along the beach by Shore Club. But before I got there, I was pointed in the opposite direction by a jet ski operator and lead to a woman who was now walking toward me. Her husband has lost his band a few hours ago, in the sand, under their umbrella. They were leaving Provo the next day.

The more they dug, the deeper the ring went. Right Place, Right Time. Happy ending.

Two days later, I was asked to search for Liam’s ring lost in the water at the Grace Bay Club a few days earlier. They had already left the island. Liam provided me with a photo, a diagram and a video of his path into the water. I found the ring exactly where he indicated. It was returned to him once I got back into the US, one week later. After finding Liam’s ring, I had planned on calling it a day but for some reason decided to keep walking West and wound up at 7 Stars.

I no sooner got in the water when Charles approached me about a ring he’d lost the day before.
He and his wife, Renee, were leaving for the US the next day. Charles pointed to some swimmers and said the ring was lost somewhere “where they are” . Within about 10 minutes, I had found his ring as well. They were especially thrilled because it was Renee’s birthday. I would like to thank each of these people for their generous donations to the Turks & Caicos Reef Fund and to Ashley’s Place!

Welcome to ILMJ

Lost Jewelry. Found Jewelry. That’s what this site is all about. Have you lost a piece of jewelry lately? Maybe I have found it. Look over our current inventory and if you can describe the engraving and other facts about the piece, we’ll return it to you! FREE!

One of my hobbies is metal detecting on beaches and in the ocean in many parts of the world. As a result, I have found many items ranging from generic off-the-shelf wedding rings (with no engraving or ID info) to custom made pendants, rings and other jewelry with unique engravings.

I hope with this website to be able to return these items to their rightful owner if they can identify the location and provide a complete description of the item. Naturally, the customized items will be easiest to confirm ownership; for a generic item a photo will be very helpful. Please help me locate owners of lost items! Share the link with your email & Facebook friends, or link your site to ours !

If you have lost jewelry and would like to see if I have found it, send me an email with a description of the piece, the location of your loss and any other information that could confirm the identity of the piece. Go to our contact page to get in touch with us.
Currently detecting in Turks & Caicos only.