Sometimes, things are meant to be.Feeling a bit bored, nothing to do, I decided to detect along the beach by Shore Club. But before I got there, I was pointed in the opposite direction by a jet ski operator and lead to a woman who was now walking toward me. Her husband has lost his band a few hours ago, in the sand, under their umbrella. They were leaving Provo the next day.

The more they dug, the deeper the ring went. Right Place, Right Time. Happy ending.

Two days later, I was asked to search for Liam’s ring lost in the water at the Grace Bay Club a few days earlier. They had already left the island. Liam provided me with a photo, a diagram and a video of his path into the water. I found the ring exactly where he indicated. It was returned to him once I got back into the US, one week later. After finding Liam’s ring, I had planned on calling it a day but for some reason decided to keep walking West and wound up at 7 Stars.

I no sooner got in the water when Charles approached me about a ring he’d lost the day before.
He and his wife, Renee, were leaving for the US the next day. Charles pointed to some swimmers and said the ring was lost somewhere “where they are” . Within about 10 minutes, I had found his ring as well. They were especially thrilled because it was Renee’s birthday. I would like to thank each of these people for their generous donations to the Turks & Caicos Reef Fund and to Ashley’s Place!